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David Fitzjarrell

I'm David Fitzjarrell, Senior Oracle DBA at Wipro Technologies.

David Fitzjarrell's Bio:

David Fitzjarrell has over 23 years of administration experience with various releases of the Oracle DBMS having installed the Oracle software on many platforms, including UNIX, Windows and Linux, and has experience in proactive monitoring of such installations to ensure potential issues do not become problems. David has experience with database performance tuning and capacity planning procedures for production and test environments. David is knowledgable in the traditional tools for performance tuning – the Oracle Wait Interface, Statspack, AWR, ASH, event 10046 and 10053 traces, tkprof, explain plan and autotrace – and has used these to great advantage at client sites to increase throughput and improve the quality of the production system. David has used RMAN , Streams and Data Guard in Oracle installations to ensure full recoverability and failover capabilities in the event disaster strikes. David has configured 'cascading'  DR databases using the primary DR database as the source, managing the archivelog transfers manually and montoring, through scripts, the health of these secondary DR databases. David is currently working on migrating ERP systems to Exadata.  

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David Fitzjarrell's Interests & Activities:

Spending time with my family.

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